Friday, April 06, 2007

Shared Reminiscences

This mail was sent to participants of Meet Just before 18/03/07:

Memories are very subjective and personal. One's cherished moments
might have passed unnoticed
to the rest. While Lambu ka Dhaba is a
shrine for many, still many others don't even remember that and where
it really was.
While cricket ground is the place where most of it
happened for many, many others do not even recall where it was. The
general and common reminiscences are usually impersonal for most. Many
personal memories are shared, though. To C block residents, watching
HKP making irrevocable points in his own mechanical style is a shared
memory. But A Block and B Block residents would not be able to
connect. It would carry straight to wicket keeper. But they will
immediately locate the memory of RS Bhoomla's sonorous voice
reverberating off the corridors and in the mess. In fact I used to
pass by the hostels till a couple of years back anticipating some
residual echos or new excitations. But things have fallen much
silent-er it seems.

For someone, a very fond memory would be the competition to hit the
street light poles
with stones thrown from a certain distance during
the after dinner walks. For others winning the dumb charades.
Many others would remember the Mr IET competition, ruled for a few
ages by a certain Mr. Rahul Srivastava. One wonders whether rail
sleepers can act as the weights!

Very few would recall the 26th Jan1992 flag unfurling. But in someone
else's memory it would remain etched forever like an oil painting.
Very few would be even aware that a team of warriors of IET had gone
to MNREC cul fest in 1993. But some would remember even winning there.
Sarlin War's role was played by Virendra Thapa. Temple of Doom. Before
curtains were raised, in the background enigma was playing. Only
rhythm on drums. Or so everyone thought. Actually someone was just
warming up the drums for temple of doom.

Ask Sarlin War, who never learnt loosing in any competition. But she
was not there. Cause she had sung Let me be there in your Morning, let
me be there in your nights, let me be there... in Encore'94. The drums
and heavily distorted (metal) guitar to everyones astonishment, were
played by the members of the Rock Band Olios. She won hands down and
notes high. But how many remember this... It was a path breaking
performance. By all measures.

The adolescent boy Provin Gurung sang Some Guys have all the luck...And the accompaniment on the guitar was
simply AWESOME. But who remembers. There was a dancer from IHM
Lucknow, who had to do Encore of Moonwalk. Many times. He won hands
down, hat high. There was a good representation from NIIT Lucknow in
the cultural events. Their music troop was by far the best. They had
sung the group song Yadon Ki barat nikalee hai aaj...really really well.
I remember Gagan Gurnani. He sang the duet Achha ji main hari chalo
man jao with Dipannita Dey if I recall right. It was a close second
(or fist?) to Jaanejan...But how many other care and remember! Their
western solo entry was Suzanna...It was a winning one. Here. Not in IITK
where they lost to the hosts.

How many remember the sterling performances of Palash Ranjan, Manisha
Garg and Shalini Malik, if I recall right? Palash Ranjan and Manish
had enacted so well the roles of flustered couple. How many remember
the Play that never converged, written and directed by the
incorrigible Bhauchak. Antics of LMS and SMT in the Qawwali...
How many remember the Choreography done by none other than Preeti
Sangal and Devesh Chandra. The number was freshly arrived Dangerous.

The catwalks where Anamika Bhatia and Vineet sethi and others had
scorched the ramp.

Memories are personal. And subjective.

How many remember the Huzoor-e-Wala number.

Or the girl staying on the road to sec-Q who owned a Doberman of a
dog. Or that she was nick-named Kuttewali. How many know the twist in
her tale that she eventually married a prominent IETian. Or was it he
who married her. Whatever, they were married to each other.

How many remember the corner shop opposite the power house at the
'Tea' point behind the hostels. Or the grave near the New Boys hostel?
The former was more dreaded when 'Katiyar' and 'Mukherjee' had been
sighted at their fav spot.

How many remember the dim lit room of Amit Singhal in D block top
floor, from where Jaggu always kept streaming out in dim light. And
the mahaul. Aah ko chahiye ek umr sahar hone tak..kaun jeeta hai teri
zulf ke sar hone tak...The baithak was always jawan. Subah ho ya shaam.
Mera qatil hi mera munsif hai...
Kya mere haq mein faisala dega...

How many other remember the resident Jagjeet Singh Tarun Jain? He used
to sing the best of his Ghazals in masterly ways.

How any remember the scene when on returning from the Applied Mechnics
Paper Gunjan Ghai was welcoming others from the door of New Boys
Hostel "Abe, L... Gayee...."It was one of the most hilarious sights I remeber of those times.

Who remembers Khadim ki shayari and Vagish ki Kavita?

Who remembers the fete organized by the 1996 batch when ye lamhe ye
pal was requested so many times that the tape had to be replaced. Ham
rahe ya na rahen kal was yet not born.

Or how many remember when RS Bhoomla sang in the freshers function 1991
"Jab IET ki yaad tujhe aegii, teri ankhon se ye neend rooth jayegii".

If you do, you can catch RSB singing once again. And a lot more. Just
remember the date, time and venue- 18th March, 9am onwards, MMCG.
Mohan Nagar.

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